Dennis Meyer, PLS
Chief Executive Officer
Dennis Meyer serves as Chief Executive Officer, Principal in Charge. He is also responsible for directing the executive committee and managing the firm's ongoing strategic planning efforts. A Land Surveyor since 1977, Dennis joined ANDREGG GEOMATICS in 1979 and has spearheaded the firm’s commitment to outstanding service and innovation. Dennis is actively involved in the community and serves on a number of prominent boards.
Mark J. Bardakjian, PLS
Chief Operations Officer
As an owner with over 20 years at Andregg and 38 years of experience, Mark Bardakjian serves as Chief Operating Officer, Principal in Charge and Senior Project Manager. Mark is a recognized leader for his ability to manage large complex projects. With specific expertise in geodetic surveying, and photogrammetric and LiDAR mapping, he has worked on a wide range of private and public projects including several large scale international projects.
Michelle Bengston
Financial Controller
Michelle Bengston serves as ANDREGG’s Financial Controller. Michelle’s vast knowledge and extensive financial experience brings efficiency and excellence ANDREGG’s Accounting Department. With more than 13 years at ANDREGG, Michelle is responsible for establishing financial policies, procedures and reporting systems. She has a solid track record in organizational leadership, expertise in financial analysis, and human resources management.
Annie Mager
Director of Marketing and Business Development
Annie Mager has more than 15 years of marketing, proposal management, and business development experience in the A/E/C industry in California. Annie oversees and participates in research activities to identify new clients and opportunities in existing business lines and works with management and project managers to develop business plans and marketing strategies to expand and diversify ANDREGG’s services.
Dana Remington, PLS
Sr. Project manager
Dana Remington has more than 24 years of surveying and mapping experience with ANDREGG GEOMATICS. Dana has managed GPS and survey activities for large projects throughout California and provides survey services as ANDREGG's lead for the U.S.A.C.E. Sacramento District.