Los Angeles Airport, Taxi Lane "T" Design Surveys

Los Angeles, CA

On-Call Design Survey Services

The control and datum was established for the site based on existing LAWA control and verified with the control used for the current Taxilane S and TBIT construction.

New durable control points were set to be used for both the design survey and subsequent construction. New control points were set so they will not be destroyed by ongoing and future construction. A control traverse and digital level runs through new control was conducted along with all necessary control adjustments and quality control requirements fulfilled.

Once the control was in place surface visible utilities were located for the full proposed Taxilane T corridor and beyond the corridor that determined direction and slope of existing utilities. Any available existing utility as-built plans along with new design utility plans for Taxilane S and TBIT area were evaluated to guide the survey crew to potential utility locations. Once the utility survey was completed and reviewed by the design team any required potholing locations were laid out on the ground. After the potholing operation any found existing utilities were surveyed for exact location, size and depth. 

High Definition Laser Scanning:
A High Definition Scan was performed of the American Airlines hangar to determine the feasibility for a partial tear down of the building and the needed structural re-enforcements. Andregg provided a 3D scan delivered to the structural engineer for design.