Kings Beach Commercial Core Improvement

Placer County, CA

The Kings Beach Commercial Core project area extends along State Highway 28 located between Chipmunk Street on the east and State Highway 267 on the west.  In 1996, in conjunction with the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency, Placer County completed and adopted a Community Plan for the Kings Beach Commercial Core area.  Proposed areas of improvement that includes improving traffic conditions, air quality, and scenic conditions, implementing a sign plans, reducing land coverage, and improving water quality, all of which require infrastructure improvements and rehabilitation.

ANDREGG provided vertical and horizontal control survey and topographic photogrammetric mapping at a scale of 1”=40 ft with 1-ft contours with digital and hardcopy deliverables.  The mapping was to include delineation of visible features such as buildings, utility features, roadway striping, traffic signals, sidewalks, parking areas, vegetation, drainage channels and water features.  The aerial topographic mapping is to serve as the base mapping for future design surveys.

Placer County later requested ANDREGG to provide utility surveys to locate 8 locations along SR-28 and locate 15 property corner monuments along the right of way of SR-28 or streets adjacent to SR-28 in Kings Beach.