East Main Street/Idaho-Maryland Road Improvement

Grass Valley, CA

Teaming with Whitlock & Weinberger Transportation, Inc., ANDREGG provided the Surveying & Basemapping services requested from the City, which included survey control, topographic basemapping, boundary and right of way determination, and right of way documentation preparation for right of way acquisition.

ANDREGG established the survey control at the project site suitable for design level topographic basemapping, boundary determination and monument installation resulting from necessary record of survey filing.  For the topographic basemapping, Andregg located and drafted surface evidence of existing underground and overhead utilities, drainage facilities, signing and road striping, fences, trees, edges of pavement, hinge points, flow lines, ditches, slopes, structures, banks, ground points and adjoining property lines.

Deliverables included survey control information; including horizontal and vertical control adjustments, digital and hardcopy AutoCAD formats of basemapping, legal description and exhibit plats.