USACE Napa River Flood Protection

Napa, CA

The Flood Protection Project in the City of Napa involved about six miles of the Napa River, from Highway 29 at the Butler Bridge on the south to Trancas Street on the North. Napa Creek improvements extend for about one mile, from the Creek mouth at the Napa River upstream to Jefferson Street. This “living river” design reduces flood water levels through the removal of old levees to create the 600-acre South Wetlands Opportunity Area; riverbank terracing from Kennedy Park to Third Street to reconnect the River to its historic flood plain; removing or replacing bridges that impede flood flows; and creating bypass channels at River and Creek oxbows.

ANDREGG was responsible for performing field surveys and office services to research local and NGS geodetic control, locate and import offsite survey control to project site, set up aerial mapping targets and obtain survey values on targets for mapping. ANDREGG also prepared aerial flight plans and photography for topographic mapping of site.  Supplemental field surveys included mapping in areas that were invisible in aerial photography. 

ANDREGG also provided field surveys to obtain structural details on the 3 existing bridge sites and matched into aerial topographic mapping.