California DWR, Central Valley Flood Evaluation Project (CVFED)

California Department of Water Resources

The Central Valley Floodplain Evaluation and Delineation (CVFED) Program is one of several programs within the FloodSAFE Initiative.

ANDREGG is a key member of the AEC team provided 300 first order survey control points and monuments for the Orthophotography and LiDAR mapping of over 2,000 square miles of the central California valley for flood studies.  In addition, ANDREGG provided GPS base stations for Airborne LiDAR data acquisition and performed over 600 QA/QC surveys for LiDAR calibration and quality control.

The CVFED Program has multiple goals, including improving the quality and accuracy of flood hazard data and mapping available to local communities. The program is developing new topographic data and updating hydrologic and hydraulic data and models, which will be used to better understand the risk of flooding in the Central Valley and to support evaluation and design of potential actions and projects to help manage risks.