Hidden Falls Regional Park and Trails

Placer County, CA

ANDREGG GEOMATICS was retained by Placer County Department of Facility Services and James Didion to provide Surveying and Mapping services for the 3000 acre Hidden Falls Park / Didion Ranch / Spears Ranch Regional Park including: Aerial Mapping, Boundary Surveys, As-built Surveys, Color Digital Orthophotography, Design Surveys for access roads, staging areas, a parking lot, fire road and a bridge, Construction Staking, conservation easements as well as acquisition of a Certificate of Compliance and a Record of Survey Map.

In addition, key personnel of ANDREGG were instrumental in coordinating and maintaining open communication between Placer County, Placer Legacy, Placer Land Trust and the land-owner (Andregg client).  This process ultimately resulted in the inclusion of an additional 220-acre park site and the adjoining 497-acre Blue Oak conservation easement in the owner’s development plan along with the sale of the property to the County at below market value.