Harding Boulevard to Royer Park Bikeway

Roseville, CA

The Harding to Royer Bike Trail project extended the existing Miner's Ravine Trail from Harding Boulevard to Lincoln Street in Downtown Roseville with on-street connections to Royer Park.

ANDREGG GEOMATICS was tasked with topographic mapping along a 5500± lf by 250± lf wide corridor for the proposed bike path.  The mapping included a proposed bridge structure crossing of Antelope Creek. Field survey and office support to prepare a topographic survey along the proposed route, including the following existing roadways, sidewalks, all utilities, manholes, fences, drainage swales, all trees 6” or larger dbh, cross-sections of creek at crossing.

Supplemental topographic surveys at additional sites were performed at the request of the Project Engineer. A map was prepared at a scale of 1”=30’ with 1-foot contour intervals. Field survey and office support to create a project LandNet of the entire project for use in creating easements as directed by the Project Engineer.