Solar Development Sites

Central & Northern CA

ANDREGG GEOMATICS provides boundary and easement survey and mapping as well as aerial topographic design surveys for site selection, due diligence, acquisition, design and construction for solar energy sites.  The proposed solar arrays sizes vary from 60 acres to over 3000 acres with separate locations from Sacramento to Bakersfield.  ANDREGG performed preliminary research of the existing boundary and easements to allow the client to confirm the site's potential usability and overall project constraints.  Once site selection is complete a comprehensive design grade Topographic and Boundary Survey ALTA/ACSM Survey is conducted on the site together with appurtenant offsite rights, including power, telecom, access and drainage.  Recovery of historic boundary control monumentation, deeds and maps research within the central valley requires knowledge of local customs and traditions and rural public county office cooperation. 

To date, over 30 sites have been surveyed totaling over 5,000 acres.  ANDREGG's local knowledge of the area proved valuable and enabled the combined topographic ALTA/ACSM deliverable to become the basemap by which all future client design, location and easement considerations were made.  The local knowledge also aided the client to prepare and process Parcel Maps to divide solar array projects to better suit client and voltage needs.